Notice by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines

  • Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM) is an institution established for the purpose of promotion and propagation of various systems of Alternative medicines by regularly conducting seminars, workshops, conferences, publication of books and booklets, charitable camps for treatment and training, regular and correspondence courses etc.
  • IBAM is a legally constituted institution duly registered under West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 for the above mentioned purpose.
  • We are very sorry to say that a complaint has been made by the West Bengal Medical Council alleging that the IBAM is awarding certificates on the basis of which the students are practicing modern medicine and surgery.
  • We would like to make you very clear that the IBAM has never conducted any course or awarded any certificates in the field of modern medicine and surgery.
  • However the investigation is going on by the authorities and the office is closed till the investigation is completed.
  • We have full faith in judiciary and very much hopeful of justice being delivered as soon as possible.
  • Meanwhile, we request you all to bear with us and at the same time thank all our students, practitioners and well wishes for their continued co-operation.